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Greet customers professionally, and route calls to the relevant
department, with our IVR solution.

Set the Interactive Voice Response to helps businesses control incoming calls only £9.99/month

Ensure the highest level of customer service with our 'IVR' Auto Attendant solution. Greet customers professionally, and route calls to the relevant business department.

Provide the option to route calls to up to several departments using keypad controls. This lightens the workload of your receptionist and means customers are not waiting for calls to be answered.

Key features of Call Routing

  • Callers hear a recorded welcome message and options message. Then use number keys to select a department.
  • Professional voice recording artists capture the prefect messages to duild on your company brand
  • Complete online control 24/7 allows users to manage incoming calls during and out of office hours.
  • Control up to 10 department options with the ability to select landline or mobile targets.
  • Capture messages outside of business hours. Voice messages are sent straight to your inbox.
  • The IVR solution is hosted online, so if your phone line goes down for any reason, you can login to divert calls